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Clair, Rene, dir. Entr’acte. 1924. Film.

People run in slow motion, watching things happen in reverse, looking at a ballet dancer from underneath, watching an egg over a fountain of water get shot and instantly become a bird, and watching people disappear. The moviemaker experiments with slow motion, taking shots from unusual angles, and incorporates interesting scenes of surprising activities.

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An interesting perspective of film shots, with montages of the NYC bridges looking as if they are dancing and images superimposed on one another. Great perspective of NYC.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Live! Red­Tail Hawk Nest at Cornell University. Web.

Live cam of red­tail hawk nest at Cornell University.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Your online guide to birds and bird watching. Web. 

Information on birds of all kinds. Photographs.

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It’s about a park/zoo and the animals in captivity. No words. Beautiful images of the animals: their lives in captivity, frustration, sadness.

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An interesting video showing a hawk being trained to hunt for sport. It features beautiful images of the hawk in flight.

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A poem written from the view of a hawk. A somewhat arrogant view of his supremacy and position in the food chain as predator with instinctive abilities and honed physical capabilities.

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A collection of brush and wash drawings on paper towels depicting Cage’s interpretation of a Chinese Zen ox­herding poem.

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Art is more meaningful if it takes place in the social realm.

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In this 16mm silent color film, the director uses film segments to create an interesting presentation of the city in vertical sections of viewing. Slivers of images composed in film.

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A selection of letters from Father Thomas Merton, a monk at the Abbey of Gethsemani, to his friend W. H. Ferry on the subject of nuclear weapons, race, and the authority of Catholic Church. Merton wrote the book Seven Storey Mountain and was a prolific poet and essayist.

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“These terms ‘place’ and ‘moment’ which I use and within which I work have evolved into general forms—two complementary areas within which I group individual works. The thing that makes moment pieces different from place pieces is that the moment pieces are in all places, but only occur for a moment in all those places; while the place pieces are only in one place, but are continuums which are always there.”

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A collection of poems by a Welshman, concerning nature, people of importance to him, and the countryside and villages.

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A wonderful collection of Audubon’s watercolors on display at this New York City museum.

Penders, Emiel, dir. Angst. 2005. Film. 

I thought the drawings were beautiful in this animated film. I liked her style very much. The story is about a boy’s fear of the wind and storms. It takes him on some difficult journeys with his dog and younger brother into the sky and elsewhere. In the end, they all make parachutes and return home safely.

Red­Tail Hawk.” Warner Nature Center. Web. 

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Interesting and informative history of Grand Central Station.

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A very interesting, informative look at the making of Tim Burton’s animated stop motion film. Includes information on the lighting, the story, the making of puppets, the music, and the enormity of the tasks to make the film.

Slow­Motion Eagle­Owl Landing: Remarkable Video Shows Animal In Flight.” Huffington Post. 8 Aug. 2011. Web.

Amazing video of eagle owl approaching camera lens.

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Smarter Every Day. “MACAWS in SlowMotion! Rainforest Research!” YouTube. 19 Sep 2012. Web. 

Amazing video showing front stroke/back stroke of bird wing motion, the real motion.

The American Sparrow­Hawk.” National Audubon Society. Web. 

Informative writing on this hawk, including its habits, mating, living, and survival techniques.

UltraSlo. “Geese take off in UltraSlo motion.” YouTube. 18 Mar. 2009. Web. 

UltraSlo. “Osprey (Fish hawk) take off in UltraSlo.” Web. 

Remarkable video shows animal in flight.

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Washing.” 1974. Perf. Mierle Ukeles. 

This is a short excerpt from a documentary piece on her practice in which she takes over a section of a SoHo street and washes clothes.

Whyte, William H., dir. The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces. 1988. Film. 

In the excerpt “The Street Corner,” Mr. Whyte studies a few built plazas in New York City and discovers people’s gathering and social patterns, along with what is important in designing a popular city meeting place.

Winterson, Jeanette. Written on the Body. New York: Vintage International, 1994. Print.

The story of a woman’s relationships with others. I like the format she uses, and her method of voice.

Zeman, Karel, and Borivoj Zeman, dir. A Christmas Dream. Castle Films, 1946. Film. 

A wonderful Czechoslovakian stop motion film about a young girl who discards her favorite sock doll when receiving new dolls for Christmas. The girl falls asleep and dreams that her sock doll has come to life, skating, playing with yarn, riding her toy horse, climbing bookcases. She rolls, jumps, and climbs.