On weekends, when not working outside, I remember my father carving beautiful madonnas out of wood. And my mother upstairs in a room dedicated to her art, creating beautiful flower and sculptural arrangements. She was always saying “find the beauty others don’t see.”

For many years I worked at the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. My work was designing public spaces, mostly playgrounds, in different parts of Brooklyn. I also made sculptures, many for the children as spray showers or animals to climb upon and a few with special meaning in those wonderfully diverse communities. I am forever thankful for the encouragement I received.

My personal sculptures often express personal relationships in an imagined world creating them in sometimes unusual configurations. Each had special meaning in a particular moment in my life. My medium of choice is wax. I love its responsiveness to the warmth of human touch, its strength and it’s lineage to ancient sculpture.

The Apology Sculptures are associated with the Apology To Loneliness project and are a culmination of a personal struggle to embrace my loneliness and find within that human condition beauty, love and meaning after making an apology.