Ederle Children’s Story Telling


I was asked to make a sculpture installation for children in an outdoor story telling area in Flushing Meadows Park. My inspiration was Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, ” The Ugly Duckling”.

This sculpture honors Father Popieluszko and the spirit of the Polish people. Father Popieluszko was a Roman Catholic priest who lived in Poland and was an ardent supporter of the Polish Solidarity Movement during the Soviet occupation of Poland. He was murdered in 1984 found beaten with his hands bound after ignoring threats to stop his popular anti Soviet sermons from his North Warsaw Church. 

I made the spray shower and thumb piano in styrofoam and plaster and they were cast using the french sand casting method.

I was asked to create sculptures for Playground for All Children in Staten Island. I imagined animals playing with objects found in nature for the children to discover. Those sculptures have disappeared but I have included photographs of eleven of the twenty four original waxes.

On this bronze baseball bat twenty-eight names of the area’s old time baseball league were inscribed in remembrance of the long standing love of the game in this Bushwick community.


Honoring New York City Policeman Cecil Frank Sledge’s calling as a police officer, I sculpted howling wolves, noses pointing towards the sky and the flag beyond, at the edge of a field of stars.

Bee and hive spray shower designed for the children on hot summer days.

This is a silhouette of the first wax piece I made for Parks that was cast in iron and mirrored in the gate panels.